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2200T Communications Case
(Part Number: 2200T-200)

2200T Communications Case

Product Description

  • Airline carry-on sized
  • Environmentally sealed case
  • Wheels and tote handle
  • Stackable (over 10 high)
  • High-contrast foam cutouts
  • Custom closed-cell foam with inserts for:
    • INMARSAT M4 Antenna
    • INMARSAT M4 Transceiver
    • INMARSAT Cables
    • Computer or PowerPax

The 2200T Communications Case is designed to provide superior protection for an INMARSAT M4 terminal, a computer (or PowerPax) and the accessories for both in a rugged airline carry-on sized case. The case is stackable with an interlocking feature that secures multiple cases together when stacked.

The 2200T custom cut foam provides storage for the M4 antenna in the lid of the case and storage for the M4 transceiver, power adapters, cables and either a computer or PowerPax in the base of the case.

The 2200T Communications Case will guarantee your INMRSAT M4 terminal, computer (or PowerPax) and accessories are together and working the same as when you departed when you arrive at your final destination.

Quick Specs

Integrated System Case

Size: 14.5" W x 22" D x 9" H

Weight: 13.5 lbs (without components)

pdf Download detailed specifications in PDF format.